The NETGEAR Orbi with Wi-Fi 6E will impress you, also for its price

routers Wi-Fi 6E

The offering of Wi-Fi 6E routers will be expanded in 2022 to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the new wireless standard, such as the bandwidth of almost 10 Gbps, the support for more simultaneous data streams and higher speed, the improvement of the latency and handling of connected devices whose numbers are constantly increasing.

The goal is to turn these networks into a great alternative to local wired ones. And the truth is that it is necessary. The pandemic pushed home networks to the limit of their capacity. Average Internet speed in countries like the US increased last year by 30% and peak Internet traffic increased by 38%. Remote work from home, online study, videoconferencing or streaming will continue to put pressure on networks and Wi-Fi 6E is a standard of the future that should dramatically improve the performance of wireless networks.

NETGEAR has released a new Orbi system (RBKE960 series) with support for the latest standard proposed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, which as a major novelty expanded the spectrum of use to the 6 GHz band. The manufacturer presumes that it is the «First Quad Band Wi-Fi 6E Mesh System»Of the planet.

The system consists of a Wi-Fi 6E router and two mesh satellites to increase coverage and performance. The router connects to the three available bands of 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and the new 6 GHz. NETGEAR adds an additional fourth at 6 Hz for data exchange between the router and the satellites so that it does not affect the performance of the connected devices.

The declared coverage with these systems is up to 800 square meters and dependencies can be expanded with more satellites in larger spaces or denser networks. The 16 available Wi-Fi streams promise speed, range and performance to cover «any type of home with internet speeds similar to what you receive from your internet provider«, Promises the manufacturer. In addition to wireless networks, this system supports wired networks with a 10 Gbit Ethernet port and other 5 Gbps.

The system allows create and manage four independent Wi-Fi networks. The main mesh network for all devices and on all bands; a dedicated IoT network for these Internet of Things devices; a guest Wi-Fi and a dedicated fourth network in the 6 GHz band to ensure that the supported devices get the best possible speeds and performance. Orbi’s Quad Band WiFi 6E Mesh System is compatible with the Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) to increase security with its 128-bit encryption system.

Good Wi-Fi 6E routers are not going to be cheap and the price of this NETGEAR Orbi It is $ 1,500 with the router and two satellites. High cost, although in exchange you get one of the best systems available to set up a wireless local network at home or in small offices. It is now available to book in the United States and soon in the United Kingdom. It will be available internationally for the Christmas period.

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