The first real edition of The Squid Game is created in a Korean hotel, yes, without deaths

The first real edition of The Squid Game is created in a Korean hotel, yes, without deaths

There is no doubt that the great phenomenon of these days is The Squid Game, the new Netflix production that has already become the most successful series in the history of the platform.

The series follows Seong Gi-hun, an outcast who lives badly with his mother and whose debts do not stop growing, owing a lot of money to dangerous guys.

Everything changes when a man invites you to win money from a game, then offers you an invitation to join a much larger game.

Thus, Seong Gi-hun joins 455 other contestants to overcome various children’s games and win a succulent prize of billions of won. However, all those who lose will be eliminated with one bullet.

This aesthetic of children’s games in the purest Battle Royale style has been very popular with the public, who has not hesitated to imitate it.

Without going any further, yesterday ElRubius organized a streaming edition of The Squid Game with a total of 122 participants, emulating the popular Netflix series.

Now, the Korean hotel St. John, located in the Gangneung region, has convened the first real edition of The Squid Game, where participants will be able to win a prize of 5 million Korean won, about 3,633 euros to change.

It is not as succulent a prize as that of the squid game series, but something is something. Those who want to participate will have to pay a registration fee of 10,000 won (about 7.27 euros) to receive a business card with a phone number to call.

Once they are present at the venue, all participants will participate in four games, which are made up of the now classic Red Light, Green Light, the rope game, the cookie test and finally a slapping tournament.

The success of ‘The Squid Game’ manages to rekindle Asian Netflix subscribers, according to this exclusive traffic data

It is curious that the very game of the squid is not found among the tests to be carried out, because that was precisely the final game in the series.

Of course this real edition of The Squid Game It will not follow the rules of the series closely and the participants who lose will not be literally eliminated from the game, so anyone can compete without fear of losing their life (it is something obvious, but we clarify it just in case, it will not be. ..).

The huge success of The Squid Game It has aroused interest in a second season, being a matter of time before Netflix gives the green light to the production of new episodes.

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