The director of No Time to Die and his curious comparison between The Simpsons and the James Bond saga

The director of No Time to Die and his curious comparison between The Simpsons and the James Bond saga

A couple of weeks ago, the twenty-fifth James Bond film arrived in Spanish cinemas Without Time to Die, which also served as a farewell to Daniel Craig of the paper.

For 15 years, Craig has been synonymous with James Bond, giving away what, for many, has been one of the best iterations of the famed British secret agent.

Following the resignation of Danny boyle to direct without time to die, Cary Joji Fukunaga joined as director of the 25th film in the franchise.

Fukunaga had to his credit, as a guarantee of quality, the first season of True Detective, which earned him the Emmy for best director.

Although it is not without controversy (when not), Without Time to Die has been well received around the world, raising today just over $ 326 million.

Talking with The AV Club, Cary Joji Fukunaga has compared the James Bond saga to one of the most famous elements of pop culture: The Simpsons.

Specifically, Fukunaga has highlighted the ability of both franchises to predict events that eventually ended up happening in the real world.

“If you look back at some of the movies in the series, and see some of the villains and their plots, you find that over time they have happened in the real world. It’s like the predictions of The Simpsons.”

The series created by Matt Groening it is frequently debated for its predictions (or presumptions) of events that happened years after certain episodes aired.

Events such as the presidency of Donald trump They sat in the chair when it came to talking about the “premonitory” capacity of The Simpsons.

Certainly the saga of James bond has had some vision of the future throughout its decades of existence, and we have also seen some technological innovations that ended up existing, although more by inspiration than by premonition.

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