The creators of Gears Tactics are already working on a new sci-fi IP under the command of Tencent

The creators of Gears Tactics are already working on a new sci-fi IP under the command of Tencent

It has been a busy year for Splash damage. The British studio brought us the remarkable Gears Tactics a few months ago, an adaptation of the Gears of War universe to the strategy game genre.

In its day we confirmed that the editor of Splash Damage, Leyou, became the property of Tencent Games. This implies that the creators of Gears Tactics or Brink now they belong to the games division of the Chinese company.

Splash Damage has announced on its official website that they are already working on a new title. They have not revealed many details, although it is known that it is a totally new and original IP of the study.

The British studio has worked with iconic franchises such as Gears of War, Halo or Wolfenstein, and now they have decided to take a leap into something new and fresh.

The creators of Gears Tactics assure that it is a new sci-fi IP, which will be set in an original universe created from scratch. With the support of Tencent, Sure.

We are delighted to announce that one of our current projects is a completely new game, set in an original sci-fi universe.” explains the CEO of Splash Damage.

Splash damage

There is talk of projects, so the studio is working on several games at the same time. It is unknown if this new title will repeat in the strategy genre or if it will bet on something new.

We loved working with established IPs like Wolfenstein, Gears of War, and Halo during our 20-year history, but we can’t wait to create another world of our own like Brink, Outcasters, and Dirty Bomb.

At the moment, all that is known is the official art that you see above, an indication that it is a science fiction video game. Splash Damage also shared a series of vacancies looking forward to your next projects.

As will be the new Splash Damage game? Is this the rumored new Google Stadia exclusive? We will have to be vigilant in the coming months, because things are promising.

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