Sony announces 20 semi-finalists for the eighth edition of PS Talents

Sony announces 20 semi-finalists for the eighth edition of PS Talents

The platform PlayStation Talents it is a fundamental pillar for the Spanish video game industry, as it encourages small developers to take their first steps in the sector.

PS Talents lives its eighth edition in this year 2021, whose final gala will be held next month November… and we already know the 20 semifinalists of this edition.

These 20 Spanish projects will fight to become the best indie game on PlayStation Talents, achieving recognition by PlayStation Spain, as well as cash prizes.

Sony has announced the semifinalists of the eighth edition of PS Talents on its official blog, and we will let you know below. The 20 titles will compete to sneak into the finalists.

These are the 20 PS Talents 2021 semi-finalists:

  • Forest Revenge by Drimti Studio
  • Hyperstacks, by Squirrel Bytes
  • Shadow of Babel by Pemperor Games
  • WARRIOR SPIRIT by Maykeys
  • Spatium Inter Nos, by Space Onion
  • The Occultist by Pentakill Studios
  • SteelBound by Ishtar Studios
  • Dark Life Excalibur by ZERO Studios
  • Dead Bird by Dead Bird
  • Neon Blood by ChaoticBrain Studios
  • 2SMRT2DIE, from Complex 27
  • Melodia by The Warehouse Games
  • Hell Of An Office by 43 Studios
  • Azra from Team Panda
  • Little Greatness by Moon Cheese Studio
  • The Deepest, Greatest and Craziest Love Story Ever, by Digital Monster Collective
  • Ronin-Hood Sisters by FrozenHam Studios
  • Whispers, by Metal Ramen Studio
  • The Silent Swan, by Studio Circenses

Among these 20 PS Talents titles we find games as striking as The Occultist, Azra or Shadow of Babel. It should not be forgotten that games such as Aeterna Noctis, the Spanish Castlevania.

Of these 20 games, a few will be chosen for the final PS Talents gala, which takes place later this year. Before, Sony will release in November the list of finalists.

ps talents playstation talents

The PS Talents 2021 awards will be presented later this year, with the prestigious award ” Best Game of the Year ” and a cash prize of 10,000 euros, to help finance the project.

Not only that, but the winner will have access to a development space for 10 months, located on the PlayStation Talents Games Campus.

The support of PlayStation Spain is made up of a PlayStation development kit, advice from top experts, a Zbook Create laptop by Z by hp, published by SIE and a marketing campaign valued at 200,000 euros.

Who will win the 8th Annual PS Talents Awards? For now you can keep an eye on the semifinalists, and here you can find more information.

Source: PlayStation Spain

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