RICOCHET, Call of Duty Warzone’s New Anti-Cheat System, Has Been Leaked to Cheat Makers

RICOCHET, Call of Duty Warzone's New Anti-Cheat System, Has Been Leaked to Cheat Makers

Activision introduced RICOCHET, the new Anti-Cheat system Call of Duty Warzone with kernel-level driver. And, a day later, seems to have leaked to the cheat makers that it intends to subjugate.

Today they began to emerge rumors that this Anti-Cheat had leaked, through Twitter and cheat forums. Although then it was possible or not to believe this, these same creators have submitted proofs.

As they report from ModernWarzone, the page has received a series of tests through anonymous sources. These seem to prove that the files available in relation to RICOCHET are real.

Yes, for now it is unknown how these leaks could have occurredTo top it off at first they were only available in private groups, but they have already reached everywhere.

Activision has yet to comment on this., but the files are believed to be true. Numerous sources with a high presence in cheats have submitted proof that they are, indeed, real.

It is also possible that this controlled “leakage” as decoy to mislead these creators with vulnerabilities that do not exist. These things have happened before in other games, and companies have even revealed content to avoid leaks.

At the moment the mishap that will have this in RICOCHET, that has been leaked can help these creators understand their basic function and can “jump the fence”.

We will keep you informed of everything that happens regarding this Call of Duty Warzone’s new Anti-Cheat system.

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Source: ModernWarzone

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