ResetEra gaming forum is acquired for 4.5 million dollars

ResetEra gaming forum is acquired for 4.5 million dollars

ResetEra, one of the largest forums and communities about gaming, games and everything related to digital entertainment, has been acquired for 4.5 million dollars (almost 4 million euros).

Specifically, you have bought it MOBA Network for the exact figure of $ 4.55 million. This will not change anything on your system, since mode of operation and moderation teams will not see changes.

MOBA Network has completed the acquisition of, one of the largest online forums and communities, which has great growth potential. With this, they expand to reach approximately 60 million visits worldwide“.

ResetEra was founded in 2017 and it has grown rapidly with an engaged audience. The purchase will be paid in cash and in two installments, where 3.55 million will be given when the deal is closed and the remaining million before December 31, 2021.

The ResetEra forums see revenue through ads, offering subscriptions to remove them. According to the statement announcing the acquisition, the company had $ 700,000 in sales last year.

MOBA Network is looking to introduce new ad formats and increase the share of direct ad sales. All with a view to a massive growth for the next 2022.

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ResetEra is accessible to everyone and has around 55,000 members and 45 million threads. MOBA Network is a Swedish company that has many communities and websites, including Mobafire, Dotafire, Smitefire, Owfire, Leaguespy, etc.

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Source: MOBA NetworkVG247VGC

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