To the reserve the game The Eternal Cylinder in GAME stores you can take this incredible and colorful double-sided poster, but also you can get a survival manual of the game.

GAME presents The Eternal Cylinder, an extraordinary adventure in a vibrant alien world in which you control a horde of creatures called Trebhums.

Explore a weird and alien world riddled with exotic life forms, surreal environments and the Cylinder constant threat, an ancient, rolling and gigantic structure that crushes everything.

On The Eternal Cylinder You must survive on an alien planet with a unique ecosystem and advanced AI of the creatures you they will propose a challenge beyond your comprehension.

What’s more, their destructible environments in real time, exploration and puzzles that this adventure proposes you will suppose a whole very satisfying challenge that you cannot miss.

And it is that, at pre-order The Eternal Cylinder at GAME, you will get this exclusive double-sided poster as a gift along with a survival manual, it will be enough to have your game reservation in GAME.

East survival manual includes information on all creatures that you will find in the game and is an ideal complement for the most collector players.

So you already know everything, do not run out of your gifts for having reserved The Eternal Cylinder in GAME stores.

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The Eternal Cylinder will be on sale next November 19.

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