Pokémon GO is testing changes in its gameplay and details some additions and news that it will introduce

Pokémon GO is testing changes in its gameplay and details some additions and news that it will introduce

Niantic he is, like many other times, thinking about the future. So it announces a series of tests based on small changes to the game, although to a lesser extent and only in some parts of the world.

We always strive to improve the Pokémon GO experience“, they comment through the Pokémon GO blog. So before moving on they want to make sure the changes are pleasing to the players.

First of all, they want to thank all the support of the Pokémon GO community, especially in these regions, “while we test some variations on the functions to find out what is best“.

They have given a small preview of the features that they are going to test over the next few months. Yes indeed, They have not detailed how long it will be, the month in which they will start or the duration of these.

These are nickname suggestions for new coaches, a expanded set of tips, new functionalities for PokéStops, updates in hatching from eggs -as skip animation– and a special investigation story for introduce new trainers to Pokémon GO.

Thank you for continuing to help us improve Pokémon GO. We are looking forward to seeing the results of our testing and look forward to releasing the final versions of the features to all players upon completion, when we have confirmed that they work as intended.“.

This is it for now Niantic has not given details around the regions that will receive these new functions; although at the moment they seem to be minor and they won’t change the experience.

Once the time stipulated by them, in which these functions have passed the acceptance period, it may be that get to the game in less time.

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Do youWhat do you think of these functions at the moment?? This year, in case their plans are screwed up, the Pikmin augmented reality game with the creators of Pokémon GO.

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