Fortnite season 8 punch cards: Lobuno and Disastrous missions

Fortnite season 8 punch cards: Lobuno and Disastrous missions

In this new week of challenges in Fortnite season 8 We have two new secondary characters located on the map and they can offer us up to 10 new missions that we can overcome to get a lot of rewards.

We are talking about the secondary characters of Lobuno and Disastrosa that can be found on the map, and if we communicate with them we will activate their sequence of corresponding missions that we can overcome in the specific order in which they are telling us.

So that you can overcome them in just one afternoon, we help you complete all Wolf and Disastrous punch card missions in Fortnite season 8.

Fortnite season 8 punch cards: Lobuno and Disastrous missions

Lobuno punch card mission solution

We find Lobuno in Abadejo Camp, the island located to the southeast of the map and in general you find him in the main hut where this lion stone monument is located.

When you talk to the character, you can activate the following missions:

Gesture at the Weather Station, Dilapidated Fort, or Lockie’s Lighthouse

Approach any of these locations and perform a dance gesture:


  • Lockie’s Lighthouse is located on the most northwestern island on the map.
  • Dilapidated Fort Northwest of Believer Coast
  • Weather station on the highest mountain on the entire map, south of Rincón spiteful

Deal damage to wild animals with a melee weapon

We have to inflict 40 points of damage by hitting any wild animals that appear randomly throughout the map and are worth wolves and wild boars.

Destroy a container in Sleeping Pools or Pleasant Park

There are a lot of garbage containers in these two locations, so just go to the one you want, hang around its streets for a while, and destroy the first container you see.

Eliminate monsters from the cube in The Parallel with melee weapons

We have to eliminate five monsters from the cube in The Parallel but hitting them with the pickaxe. The parallel appears randomly at the beginning of each of the games as a kind of orange bubble to which you will have to go to overcome this challenge.

Travel on foot through Campo Calígine

We must walk 200 meters in Campo Calígine, as simple as taking a walk there.

Disastrous punch card mission solution

We find this character in Compromised Reels, right in this area:


Buy a shield item from a vending machine

We must go to any Curatronic vending machine and buy small or normal shield potions using gold bars.

There are more than 20 vending machines of this type, and you will practically find one in each of the locations named or attached to service stations.

Consume a Small Shield Potion and a Shield Fish

You can buy the small shield potion at any of the vending machines or find it naturally in your games.

On the other hand, you can get the shield fish by fishing in the different authorized points of each of the lakes, cliffs or on the beaches.

Collect stone from rocks in The Parallel

We go to the Parallel, that kind of orange circle that changes place in each of the games, and we use the pick to collect stone from all the rocks that are in this area.

Use a shield item in The Parallel

Any shield potion that you have collected earlier in the game, simply use it in The Parallel, you can take advantage of the fact that you are already in this area for the last challenge we have seen.

Take damage from an enemy player and survive

Typical challenge that you will overcome without realizing it, so participate in any game, take damage from an enemy, and survive for several seconds without being eliminated.

So with this you already have the solution to all Punch Card Challenges for both Lobuno and Disastrous in Fortnite Season 8.

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