Final Fantasy XIV Producer Says Xbox Version Still In Discussion With Microsoft

Final Fantasy XIV Producer Says Xbox Version Still In Discussion With Microsoft

Final Fantasy XIV has become one of the most important games in the series after its rebirth on PC, PS4 and now PS5 too. However, it could reach new platforms.

The MMO of the saga could land on Xbox consoles in the future. From time to time it has been rumored that Square Enix could bring the multiplayer title to Microsoft consoles and again, the producer of the game has dropped it.

Hope is the last thing to be lost and a possible hint of this version of Final Fantasy XIV for Xbox has reappeared thanks to the words of Naoki Yoshida.

In an interview with Easy Allies, Yoshi-P, did not give many more clues, but he did refer to the subject saying that this is still being discussed with Microsoft.

Therefore, despite not confirming the development of Final Fantasy XIV for Xbox, it should be noted that both parties keep talking about it, so perhaps in the future it will end up being a reality.

Of course, this is nothing more than speculation, but because of time there does not seem to be a scaremongering, since not too long ago it was confirmed that FF XIV still has a lot of trot left, five years of content at least.

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It must be said that the game has presented incredible growth in recent years, so much so that it was the protagonist of the most recent Square Enix financial report, so it could expand to new territories.

Would you like to see this title on Xbox Series X or One? Did you know that Final Fantasy XIV is already the most profitable game in the entire series? A milestone more than considerable given its history and popularity.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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