Diablo II Resurrected has server crashes due to the original code and Blizzard looks for solutions to it

Diablo II Resurrected has server crashes due to the original code and Blizzard looks for solutions to it

Diablo II Resurrected has server problems after its launch last month, but it has only recently gotten worse. After more than a week of closings and shutdowns, Blizzard has explained the issue on the forums, what causes it, and how you plan to fix it.

All problems are caused by one problem on top of another, so there is no single solution. One of them is the increase in players, which grows week by week, and that prevents the servers from being a bit calm.

But the biggest of them is how the game was made, a large part of the code eIt’s the same as when it was published two decades ago. This affects things like creation, joining, functionality, reading character data, updating lists, checking server health, and more.

Blizzard has updated some parts, to make it more compatible with modernity, but largely the same. These systems were fine in the 2000s, but player behavior has changed now, Blizzard claims.

Fortunately, Blizzard has some plans to mitigate these problems. The first is to block players from creating new games if they have played a lot in a short period of time, something they call “rate limit“and it will give an error when communicating with the server:”there was a communication error with the servers“.

Another solution is the one that you have already read before, try more aggressively a queue system at login. This would slow down players and they would not cascade as they would then trickle down to the server.

Of course, Blizzard claims that none of these solutions are necessarily permanent and they will focus more on improving the stability of the game in the future.

Instead, the most permanent solutions are divide certain services into separate systems to help servers load better when creating materials.

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Of course, and as with any delicate problem, these solutions will take a while, But for now Blizzard wants to aim to make the game as stable as possible for its community.

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Source: Polygon

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