Deathloop is updated with DLSS, Ray Tracing improvements and audio support for the Dualsense on PC

Deathloop is updated with DLSS, Ray Tracing improvements and audio support for the Dualsense on PC

Deathloop is one of the Most amazing games of this 2021, proving that the creators of Dishonored have talent to spare for the FPS genre … even giving it a twist.

Available on PS5 and PC, the shooter of Arkane has received a major update on compatible, from 11GB size. Pay close attention if you are playing this timeless adventure.

The new Deathloop patch introduces three great novelties, as well as other fixes and gameplay changes. We are going to detail them.

The first big news is that Deathloop now supports NVIDIA DLSS technology on PC, allowing you to enjoy improved resolution and performance for the title.

Yesterday we told you that 10 new games joined DLSS, and Deathloop promises to solve its stability problems (between 60 and 120 fps) with this update.

DLSS support allows you to play Deathloop with Improved Ray Tracing effects, setting a more stable rate of return and also fixing a visual bug when rotating the camera.


Another great novelty of this patch (which is downloaded automatically when the client starts) is the audio support for the Dualsense. If you are playing Deathloop on PC with the PS5 controller, now you will hear the sound effects through the remote.

FPS lovers will be happy for another important new feature in this patch. Now our character will lean properly while covering, and weapon change bug fixed with the mouse wheel.

Deathloop patch notes

Deathloop embargo September 13

  • Fixed issues causing dropped frames and camera shake issues.
  • Added support for Nvidia DLSS
  • Added support for Sony DualSense controller audio
  • Also added a poor connection quality indicator at the top right of the screen (resembles a speedometer with an exclamation point)
  • Improved performance and stability, especially with ray tracing
  • Improved NPC path and player reactions
  • The quality of the audio mix was also improved
  • Fixed laser mines, turrets, and fireworks for Colt and Julianna players.
  • Fixed issue with mouse wheel. Using the mouse wheel to switch between weapons will now work correctly and will not cause weapons to fall.
  • Also fixed unlocking issue with “Wow” and “Dying Day Outfit” achievements.
  • Fixed issue that could cause Colt’s progression to reset even if the player chose ‘no’ on confirmation
  • Fixed crash issue when a player unlocks an feat using Havoc while playing as Julianna
  • Aleksis Dorsey’s reactions were also corrected, making him easier to identify among party guests.
  • Fixed issue causing kills to fail sometimes while playing as Julianna.
  • Julianna’s actions will no longer unlock achievements directly for Colt
  • Julianna players will no longer listen to Colt-only radio conversations
  • Fixed issue with skew inconsistency (inputs will no longer be sporadically ignored)

The patch is available from today same, October 14, with a weight of 11GB. Feel free to download it, because it greatly enhances the outstanding Deathloop experience.

Deathloop is available on PS5 and PC, and it is one of the best video games we have had this year. It is also (presumably) the last Arkane title released for PlayStation consoles.

Source: DSO Gaming

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