Corsair Announces LGA1700 Socket Compatibility Kit: You Can Still Use Your Favorite Liquid Cooling System

The LGA1700 socket will be used by Intel’s Alder Lake-S processors, and Corsair has confirmed that it is ready to offer its customers a compatibility kit which will allow you to use, without any problems, a wide variety of AIO-type liquid cooling solutions that the company has launched in recent years.

As many of our readers will know, when a socket change occurs it is often accompanied by a new anchoring system and that, therefore, the existing cooling solutions are not compatible because they do not have the necessary parts to hold them. In most cases, this is solved with a compatibility kit, but in the end this is left to each manufacturer.

Corsair is clear that it is not going to leave its users stranded, and as we anticipate it has already given all the details about that new compatibility kit that will allow us to continue using our liquid cooling systems with the new Intel Alder Lake-S processors. It is a fairly simple kit, and very economical, since we can buy it for only 14.99 euros, and no, we will not have to pay shipping costs. If we only need the riser screws, we can buy them for 2.99 euros, and we will not have to pay shipping costs either.

In the Corsair official website we can find more information, so if you have doubts, I invite you to take a look by following the attached link. However, I remind you that the arrival of a new socket, and the change of the retention system, does not introduce any major complexity, so the assembly of your Corsair liquid cooling system will continue to be as simple as usual.

AIO Corsair cooling systems compatible with the LGA1700 kit

To avoid any doubt, Corsair has published an exhaustive list where we can find all the AIO type liquid cooling systems that are compatible with this new LGA1700 socket kit.

As we can see in the attached image, Corsair has opted to offer a fairly wide support which covers the current iCUE H1XXi Elite Capellix, the Corsair HXXi RGB PRO XT and also the Hydro series of 2018. I think the list is quite clear, but if you have any questions you can leave it in the comments and I will help you to solve it.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of buying a Corsair liquid cooling kit and plan to use it to assemble your new Intel Alder Lake-S based equipment, don’t worry, the American company has confirmed that all future releases will be prepared to offer full compatibility with that socket.

Corsair AIO Liquid Cooling Systems they will have no problem keeping temperatures under control working with the new Intel Alder Lake-S processors, and with this new compatibility kit you can give it a second life if you had planned to make the leap to the new from the chip giant. Excellent news, as you won’t have to buy a new cooling system.





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