Battlefield 2042 shares insane beta stats: 17 billion bullets were fired and other fun facts

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Battlefield 2042 celebrated its beta last week and it has generated a good amount of opinions of all kinds and from all angles. However, we are not here today to discuss that issue.

After a few days in which we have had a lot of noise regarding Battlefield 2042 and some of the main complaints that the beta has left, DICE has decided to release some of the data that this first contact has left us.

In a tweet published by the official account of the saga we have been able to know some of the most crazy and curious statistics of this test.

For example, they have shoot more than 17 billion bullets and the Orbital map has left more than 380,000 rocket launches, of which 58,000 have missed. We leave you other extra information:

  • 5.8 million elevator trips were made
  • 94,698 tornadoes have appeared
  • 10.5 million kilometers were traveled by parachute
  • There have been 1.9 million deaths from C5

Data has also been shared on weapons and vehicles where the M5A3 and MD540 Nightbird they triumphed during the test in their respective categories.

It is also necessary to highlight the role that the gacho has had and that is stuntman Webster Mackay has been the most popular generating over 114 million hook shots, one of the most prominent new features of Battlefield 2042.

Did you play the beta? For those of you who have not been aware, recently a leaker commented that the beta of Battlefield 2042 would not be a version of months ago, explains a well-known leaker of the saga.

And to all this has been added other information from the same leaker who commented that the game was going to be a battle royale inspired by Apex Legends and Call of Duty Warzone.

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