Apple Music service could come to PlayStation 5 in the future

Apple Music service could come to PlayStation 5 in the future

Maybe Sony is working together with Manzana to implement the music service Apple Music on PS5. After many years according to Spotify on PS4 and this, there may now be a new friend.

It is true that the more services in the console, the more enjoy the user who uses one of them only, or both. But that means competition, since now both would be on PS5.

The information about this addition comes from a Reddit user, which posted an image on the music service’s subreddit claiming that his console gave him option to download Apple Music.

In the picture you can see Spotify and Apple Music, both lists for download, but the last one not yet available when selecting. With a message “only available on PS4“It is strange since this service not available on any console.

Even though this may look like an edited image, from they report having tried it on their PS5 from the UK. If successful at first, he created a new account and when selecting the US region it gave him the same error.

This can say that Sony is testing the service and its functionalities on PlayStation 5 consoles, before these are released to the public.

This would not be strange, the fact that Apple Music comes to PS5. The music service is now available on a wide range of non-iOS devices, such as Samsung Smart TV, Google Nest and Android.

At the moment, and after the recent PS5 update, Sony has not moved a significant tab on the console. We will be aware, since did not want to make statements about it.

Sony and Apple give you a gift of 30 euros if you have a Playstation 5 console

Do youYou are subscribers of the music service Apple Music? If so, you may be interested in this addition on PlayStation 5.

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