A school invites children to sign a ‘Pokémon agreement’ so they can play cards

A school invites children to sign a 'Pokémon agreement' so they can play cards

Now among the youngest and also adults, the pokemon cards, some collectibles that you can keep or exchange, through card battles, with your friends.

The exchange and game with Pokémon cards is becoming popular internationally, perhaps replacing the exchange of cards that many of us have experienced in our childhood.

And the fact is that Pokémon cards are tremendously popular, some can even be worth thousands of dollars in the collecting market, which makes even criminals do not hesitate to steal all these Pokémon cards from different stores that could revalue much more over time .

And when it comes to schools with the little ones, teachers should be aware of the existence of these Pokémon cards, which younger students exchange and even play in the middle of class, something that can be detrimental to their studies.

That is why it is surprising to see in this reddit thread where in a school it has been seen kind of a pokemon deal, by which they have assigned a series of rules to play Pokémon cards at recess.

Some of the rules that we can read in this particular Pokémon agreement published by the teacher himself, states that these cards can only be played at recess, that you cannot steal cards from others and that exchanges must be fair, among other rules. .

Be that as it may, perhaps in our childhood we have been able to enjoy the famous exchange of stickers in our school with many other classmates, and now the theme of Pokémon cards is quite popular, and perhaps one of your children has a card that can be worth thousands of dollars.

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