Today the ElRubius Squid Game is celebrated: these are the 122 participants and how to watch it

Today the ElRubius Squid Game is celebrated: these are the 122 participants and how to watch it

After last week ElRubius advertise their own Squid Game, only in Roblox, today was the presentation of the 122 confirmed participants in the event.

It comes. Squid Game mega-tournament players presentation on Roblox and tournament day“, He said Rubius this weekend. Quite excited, actually, as something big can come out of all of this with so many Twitch and YouTube personalities involved.

East contest between streamers will take place on Roblox today, October 13, at 18:00 in the afternoon Spanish time. So, a few hours before the 122 contestants in total have been unveiled; although with some nuances.

It may be one of the biggest and most salty tournaments in Twitch history“He said. And the fact is that The Squid Game, officially the most successful series in Netflix’s history, is already being talked about in any environment.

In summary, these streaming games will be the tests of the series, on Roblox, with more than 100 streamers. And this is where we qualify, since @Komanch has said that names can be dropped from it and others added.

The list is already updated, we missed some at the time of the live presentation: There are still those who will not be able to participate that day, so there will most likely be room for new players“.

Maybe it is done in two ways, the series and an error will eliminate the player, or it is that all rounds are played and one wins, which would take € 50 from each streamer.

In order, the top ten players are: Rubius, Komanche, AuronPlay, Ibai, TheGrefg, Biyín, El Mariana, Missa Sinfonia, Arigameplays and JuanSGuranizo. Everything will be done today, one day before the Ibai and Piqué Balloon World Cup.

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If you are interested in seeing it, and as is obvious, everything will be broadcast on the ElRubius official Twitch channel. Do youWho will be the winner?

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