How many times have you seen a movie and thought “how cool would such a character appear in this scene”? Well, many people think the same.

One of the highlights in fandom and among digital artists is the creation of crossovers that are impossible or that would only live in the minds of fans if it were not for the magic of editing programs.

One of these artists is, a fan of Marvel that he does not hesitate to combine characters from different franchises, introducing them in other films in a more or less appropriate way, depending on the case.

From the Cruella of Emma Stone meeting iteration of Harley quinn from Margott robbie to other crossovers of the most interesting, the publication of is going viral.

One of our favorites is the one that combines Thor of the UCM with the protagonists of Hangover in Las Vegas, ready to throw a party in the style What would happen if …?.

Marty McFly You must bear the consequences of your actions in Back to the Future. The Temporal Variation Agency de Loki has captured him, and will soon decide whether or not he should be erased.

The character of Michael J. Fox He also met another renowned time traveler, Fiveby The Umbrella Academy.

Two other characters condemned to meet, but who are reluctant (one of them) to give us that moment are Deadpool and Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds They should take note of how well they look on screen in their respective iterations as Marvel characters.

Without a doubt there are many curious crossovers that we could see, both with Marvel characters and with others from other franchises.

A little while ago we saw how the characters in Dragon ball they went to Middle Earth in a cool illustration in The Lord of the rings.