The rumors of the new Switch are rekindled, although it is now more “Switch 2” than “Switch Pro” and aims to launch in 2022-2023

The rumors of the new Switch are rekindled, although it is now more "Switch 2" than "Switch Pro" and aims to launch in 2022-2023

The launch of Nintendo Switch OLED They haven’t killed the “Switch Pro” rumors, they just rekindled them. This new revision includes an OLED screen and some external improvements, but no internal changes. That doesn’t mean, however, that Nintendo isn’t working on a “new Switch,” whatever it’s called.

The insider Nate drake states with confidence that Nintendo is working on new Nintendo Switch hardware, but he dares not label it “Switch Pro” or “Switch 2”.

He simply prefers to refer to it as “4K switch“, because the most consistent information you’ve heard from your sources is that will be compatible with 4K resolution, which would be achieved by a method like NVIDIA’s DLSS (and in fact Nintendo recently patented its own technology that supports that theory).

And he is sure of it because many developers have already received development kits for this model. Some of the biggest ones already have it since 2020, while other smaller developers would have received them this year.

The information matches that published by Bloomberg a few weeks ago, that at least 11 developers would already have kits to make Switch games in 4K.

This article was categorically denied by Nintendo, although Nate maintains that the evidence that Nintendo is developing new hardware is incontestable, having mentioned 11 developers, including one of them by name (Zynga).

Also, Nate doesn’t say that Nintendo lied either. In its statement, Nintendo said that “we have no plans to release any other new Nintendo Switch models beyond the OLED version“.

But Nate claims that there is a confusion in the terminology: it would not be a revision of the current Switch, Switch OLED, New 3DS or PS4 Pro style, but it would be something more similar to a successor, a “Switch 2”.

Backward compatibility issues?

In the end, what it is called or what generation it is included in depends on Nintendo’s marketing strategy, something of which it does not know. What you are sure of is that there is a new Switch hardware, whatever it’s called, that will be significantly different, reaching 4K via DLSS.

They also talk about a different architecture, which could cause problems to make it backward compatible, although those are just observations.

New clues emerge about the Nintendo Switch OLED dock and its possible 4K 60fps support

He has NOT said or suggested that this new Switch is not backward compatible with the games of the previous one, nor has he heard rumors of the style. It simply recognizes that there would be some difficulties due to the hardware difference, although MVG, invited to the podcast, mentions that there are possible solutions.

Finally, he points out that according to the information he has heard from various developers, who are already working on exclusive games for this new Switch (including PlayStation and Xbox pots) that would not work on current models, a launch is looming in the late 2022 and early 2023 window.

Source: Nate the hate

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