Nintendo Switch OLED is much more popular than Switch Lite: early UK sales data

Nintendo Switch OLED is much more popular than Switch Lite: early UK sales data

Nintendo Switch OLED is curdling. Although we do not have sales figures, and we will have to wait for the quarterly results (which will play at the beginning of November) to know the exact number of units, we know that it has got in on the right foot in the market of United Kingdom (just like Metroid Dread)

There are no figures, but we have some somewhat far-fetched data, via GamesIndustry. Last week was the fourteenth best week sales of Nintendo Switch since its launch. 70% of Switches Sold that week were OLED Switches (and judging by what has happened in Spain, they seem to have been sold out).

In other words, there have only been 13 weeks in which the Switch has sold better in the UK ahead of the Switch OLED launch week.

All those weeks correspond to Christmas periods, Black Friday or to Switch launch week in March 2017 (which is actually the console’s fourth best sales week).

The best week in the history of Nintendo Switch was the Black Friday 2019, followed by Black Friday 2018 and the 2020 Black Friday.

To add a more comparative data, the Nintendo Switch Lite launch week, in July 2019 (the only Switch redesign before Switch OLED) was the fifty-seventh week.

I mean, what Switch Lite launch was week 57 in the ranking of weeks with the best sales of Switch, while last week, of the OLED Switch launch, was number 14.

Switch Lite accounts for 20% of all Nintendo Switch consoles in the UK, a percentage that Switch OLED could comfortably overtake, giving uA major spike to all overall Nintendo Switch sales.

That is if the stock holds. Nintendo Switch already suffered significant dry spells at its launch, and this year, with the semiconductor shortage crisis also affecting PS5 and Xbox Series X, it could happen again with the OLED Switch.

Just in case, if you want an OLED Switch this Christmas, you’d better not let too much go by: here we tell you places where you can buy Switch OLED in Spain.

To know everything about the new console and what it offers, do not miss the most comprehensive Nintendo Switch OLED review.

Source: GamesIndustry

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