Monster Hunter Rise on PC will use Denuvo and release a demo today

Monster Hunter Rise on PC will use Denuvo and release a demo today

Monster hunter rise will come to PC next year, at the beginning of it. After knowing the first characteristics of the title in computers, today we know that will be using Denuvo and their demo will be available today.

Although it will arrive throughout the day, as of publication date of this article is not yet operational. In addition to this, the YouTuber gaijin hunter has shared a video about its gameplay on PC.

In these 8 playable minutes of Monster Hunter Rise on PC, the YouTuber has shared an Early Access of the demo. Will be the same as will be available todayBut the video will give us an idea of ​​what to expect from the version.

Monster hunter rise debuted as an exclusive for Nintendo switch last March. In this version of the game, which we leave you analyzed, we already commented on the benefits of the new Capcom installment.

Months later, almost a year in fact, will arrive in January 2022 on PC with HD textures in high resolution and a unlimited frame rate; perfect for the most erudite teams.

Even more, Monster Hunter Rise on PC they will have optimized controls for keyboard and mouse, voice chat, support for 21: 9 monitors and other optimizations; all this, of course, without crossplay or cross-saves between Switch and PC.

On the other hand, the use of Denuvo anti-piracy technology and an activation limit of 5 different per day on PC. Hopefully it doesn’t suffer from the same issues that Resident Evil Village had in its early days.

The demo will be available for official download on your official Steam page; Of course, once released to the public.

Capcom expects the PC to be its main platform in 2022 or 2023 and that only 50% of its sales will come from consoles.

It only remains to wait for Monster Hunter Rise on PC launches on January 12, 2022, unless there is unforeseen changes.

Source: DSOGaming

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