Microsoft justifies the strict requirements of Windows 11 … but allows updating on computers that do not meet them

requisitos de Windows 11

Back with the requirements of Windows 11, and is that the issue not only comes from afar, but promises to extend in the future until you know when. The responsibility of course lies with Microsoft, which has not been able to specify anything in a concise and extended way over time and so they continue … with nuances, as we collect in this news.

The problem with the requirements of Windows 11, beyond the requirement of the TPM 2.0 chip, has been due to the ups and downs in components such as the processor itself, which still remain unclear, or continue to be upgraded to blows; although there is no doubt that the happy chip is a key element in Microsoft’s security strategy for Windows 11, as the company has recognized on different occasions.

Now do the same again, justifying the strict requirements of Windows 11, including among them Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0), Secure Boot and Virtualization-based Security (VBS) as the new operating system security standard that older computers can’t meet. That is why they are left out of the considered compatible equipment.

“With Windows 11 we require TPM 2.0 on new installations by default,” explain Microsoft engineers. “If a machine is compromised, we can help minimize the damage. Windows 11 will stop these types of attacks out of the box because we are using Secure Boot and Trusted Boot, which uses the required UEFI and TPM hardware. Secure Boot and Trusted Boot prevent access to rootkits and bootkits that try to modify your early boot files.

Nothing new under the sun, really, but a new confirmation of how important these components are. However, The curious thing about Microsoft’s strategy with the requirements of Windows 11 It is not only the insistence that it has on them, but how malleable and, therefore, unreliable, of its application.

It should be remembered in this regard that the company has gone from showing a resounding inflexibility to the installation without complying with the requirements of Windows 11, to allowing it but transferring the responsibility to the user, to ‘self-hacking’ without regard. Or what is the same: they continue to make the partridge dizzy, it is not known why.

Let us also remember the message that warns the adventurous that their computer does not meet the requirements of Windows 11:

“This PC does not meet the minimum system requirements to run Windows 11 – these requirements help ensure a higher quality and more reliable experience. It is not recommended to install Wndows 11 on this PC as it may cause compatibility issues. If you continue with the installation of Windows 11, your PC will no longer be supported or entitled to receive updates. Damage to your PC due to lack of compatibility is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. By selecting Accept, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this statement. »

However, Windows 11 was released on October 5 and yesterday was the first “Patch Tuesday” in which the first system update was distributed … and there was no problem for users who have it installed and their computer does not meet the requirements of Windows 11 received this update. What things!

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