Mevo Start 3-Pack, an easy-to-carry wireless streaming ecosystem

Logitech Mevo Start 3-Pack streaming

What began as the hobby of a few, has already become one of the most envied jobs today. And it is that streaming seems to have come to stay, showing enormous potential for the future. That’s why Logitech For Creators, the extension of the brand dedicated to creators, today introduced the Mevo Start 3-Pack.

This pocket study consists of three portable and wireless Mevo Start cameras, created especially for streaming and live recording, offering everything creators need to easily produce a professional program in a multi-camera setup directly from a phone or tablet, eliminating the need for cumbersome traditional equipment to bring a professional-quality program to life.

With the Mevo Start camera’s 83.7-degree diagonal field of view, creators can broadcast and shoot in 1080p Full HD without fisheye distortion. Creators can also capture clean and clear audio using the built-in noise-canceling microphones, or choose analog audio input by plugging a microphone or line-level audio into the 3.5mm TRS input.

Designed for streaming and recording live from anywhereEvent creators and producers can use the Mevo Start 3-Pack to stream their video via Wi-Fi, a telephone access point, and even via ethernet *. Mevo Start cameras are designed for long-term broadcasts, with an internal battery for up to six hours each, or connect to a power source via USB-C for continuous use.

Finally, these cameras are accompanied by the Mevo Multicam app, which allows creators to connect and control up to three Mevo Start cameras for easily produce a professional-quality program with multi-camera angles. The free app includes Auto-Director, an advanced yet easy-to-use audio mixer, and the ability to overlay custom text and graphics live.

Availability and price

The Mevo Start 3-Pack will be available in Spain from this month of October through the official website of the brand as well as other distributors such as Amazon, with a recommended starting price of 1,149 euros. An investment that although it may seem quite important, will undoubtedly cover all aspects to play any role within the professional streaming scene.

However, the Mevo Start is also available in an individual package, priced from 449 euros, being able to buy the rest of the accessories separately.

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