Google sues Epic Games for breach of Fortnite’s contract with the Play Store

Google Play Store demanda Epic Games Fortnite

Although after the court ruling and repercussions on Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple, this media and judicial fight seemed to finally come to an end, now it is Google that has started its own lawsuit against Fortnite, claiming on this occasion a breach of his contract with the Play Store.

And it is that although the lawsuit of Epic Games on Google accusing the technology giant of anti-competitive behavior did not reach more, Google’s response could end up setting a new precedent.

Although the first lawsuit focused on dismantling Apple’s noted monopoly on the App Store, during this trial Google’s most covert tactics were presented to try to prevent Fortnite from leaving the Play Store, which allegedly included bribing Samsung so that it did not have Fortnite in the Galaxy Store, and even the possibility of acquiring Epic Games itself.

However, none of this could be proven true, and finally Google chose to eject the Fortnite application from its Play Store claiming using a third-party payment system as a bridge to skip your fees.

Unfortunately for Google, the simple fact that removing access to the Fortnite app from the Play Store does not remove the app from devices of users who had already downloaded it, with the only nuance of limiting the subsequent updates to this moment. However, this still implied that people who downloaded Fortnite from the Play Store could still use a version of the game with a direct external payment system for Epic Games.

In fact, as detailed Google’s new lawsuit, It is precisely this detail that, they allege, constituted a breach of contract, since claims Epic Games ‘unjustly enriched’ at their expense, avoiding the payment of this income tax of 30% that he contractually owed.

Thus, the legal debate will probably revolve around the obligation of Epic Games to pay, or not, that tax after having its application expelled from the Google Play Store.

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