Genshin Impact Update 2.2 Now Available: New Tsurumi Island, New Thoma Character, Offsets, and More

Genshin Impact Update 2.2 Now Available: New Tsurumi Island, New Thoma Character, Offsets, and More

The update for version 2.2 by Genshin Impact is now available. It adds, among other things, the new Tsurumi island, to the new character Thoma, offers compensation and much more.

As always, there will be 300 protogems (60 extra for every server shutdown hour) and another 300 for bug fixes. To be eligible for them, you must be Adventure Rank 5 or higher and it will be available until 2.2 ends; lasts about 5 hours.

The update adds the New Inazuma Island: Tsurumi, shrouded by fog and little frequented, to access you will have to have completed the World Quest: “Seirai’s Storm Hunter”.

The new character, Thoma “Protector of Far Lands”, is Pyro and 4 stars with spear. Keymaster of the Kamisato clan and a very active intermediary in Inazuma, appearing in future gachapones.

In the new domain is the Moshiri Refuge, a residence built somewhere in the sea of ​​fog. Nobody knows who, but it seems that now it is the lair of ferocious wolves .; you will have to be Adventure Rank 40+ and have met the established conditions.

Among the new weapons is Winter star, 5 ★ arc; King of evil, a 4 ★ greatsword; Wave Cutter Fin, a 4 ★ spear and Mouun’s Moon, another 4 ★ arc. In the events, new ones arrive like the “Warrior domain“, participate to invite Xinyan to your team.

During the event, complete the Onmyou Mystic Chamber to get old tablets and exchange in the Event Store for Protogems, Crowns of Wisdom, Character Enhancement Materials, Talent Enhancement Materials, Hero’s Ingenuity, Mystic Refinement Ores, etc.

Have been added new missions and encounters part 3 with Thoma and Sayu, make sure you are 30+ and have completed the Archon mission “Chapter II, Act III: Omnipresence over mortals“.

Genshin Impact: this is the new Tsurumi Island and its monsters

In the new world missions, “A very picky author”, “Octava del maushiro”, “The sea of ​​fog and the ritual of the trees”, “The passage of time and Mount Kanna”, “The saga of Mr. Forgetful” and “Cleaning up background “, etc.

There are new enemies, recipes, achievements, cards, inner world designs such as Silk Courtyard, Furniture, and Abyss Spiral. In addition, the appearance of the Encounters interface has been optimized.

He spent $ 1.4 million on a character, leaves it to a friend and sells it for $ 500

What’s more, miHoYo has taken the opportunity to solve errors, bugs, limit delay and other news that you can see on its official page.

Source: myHoYo

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