20 years later we have a new, more popular programming language and a reef to find work

20 years later we have a new, more popular programming language and a reef to find work

Those who understand computer science surely know how tremendously popular Java, C, Visual Basic are … programming languages ​​that have been with us for decades.

Although it is not easy to measure the popularity of a programming language, it is undeniable that JavaScript, Java, C or C ++ are the big names that everyone talks about. Or rather, he spoke.

Why? Basically, because these classical programming languages they are no longer the most popular. There are a new ” king ” in this category. What is it about?

According to the study of Tiobe, a firm that has been registering programming languages ​​for 20 years, Python is number 1 on the list. Find out why.

The rise of artificial intelligence

As we said, the Tiobe firm relies on the main browsers and search engines to register the popularity of programming languages. We are talking about two decades of activity.

Specifically, Python has emerged as the winner against the most classic programming languages, based on searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo !, Wikipedia, Amazon, Baidu or YouTube.

Eye, because This ranking does not determine which is the programming language most used or studied by future computer scientists. Simply it is the most sought after and popular of the Internet today.

Authentic classics such as Java, JavaScript, C or C ++ have been used for more than two decades to develop video games, applications or programs … and it seems that artificial intelligence is the future.

The most curious thing is that Python has not increased its searches in October 2021, but rather the other programming languages those who have lost popularity. We leave you with him top 10 programming languages Most Wanted in October 2021:

Contrary to what it may seem, Python is not a modern programming language. Its origins date back to the 1980s, created by the Dutch Guido van Rossum.

The great advantage of Python is its ease of learning, reading and writing. In addition, its multi-paradigm nature makes it adaptable to any platform and programming style.

Why has its popularity increased? Well, because Python (whose name is due to the comic group Monty Python) adapts like a glove to artificial intelligence.

Today AI is one of the tools most used by large companies. An example is GANverse 3D, a development technology that Nvidia uses to create three-dimensional renderings.

Python is the perfect programming language for developing automation and AI tools, in addition to its increasing use for developing machine learning applications.

It is not the most used nor the most studied in universities and centers, but Python is already the most popular programming language … above classics such as Java, C or Visual Basic.

Python is a great option for start your career as a programmer, and we encourage you to study it if you don’t know what to use for the next few months. I’m sure you will find work very soon.

Have you ever used Python? Do you recommend it over other classics like Java or C? The truth is that it is already a way for the future to be taken into account.

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