God of War creator criticizes the high difficulty of games like Metroid Dread, Kena and Returnal

Returnal speedrunners already complete the game in under 5 minutes

The video games and their difficulty it is always a topic that has brought controversy, from the distant days of the NES and Master System, and this seems that it will not change in the present generation of consoles.

Many players have criticized that the games of recent times were simpler than those of yesteryear, although this year we have had challenging experiences like Returnal or Metroid Dread.

On this issue the creator of God of War has spoken, David jaffe, who has written a tweet analyzing the level of difficulty of some current games.

To begin with, he explains that he was never a big fan of difficult games, but indicates that in recent times it has become something much more ” artificial ”, naming three titles released this year.

Kena, Metroid, Returnal; all leading the way towards super challenging games. Maybe it’s the NES generation becoming designers, but I HATE THIS. And it is not a question of age; I NEVER liked it, but it wasn’t that rampant. It’s as if the developers want to alienate players

Quoting his own words, Jaffe believes that the high difficulty of some current games is pushing the players away, and that almost seems to be done on purpose. Do you agree with their opinion?

One of the games he cites, Returnal, is a clear example of the high difficulty. The Housemarque exclusive for PS5 is characterized by making things very difficult for us.

Although it belongs to genus roguelike (which is almost like saying ” difficult game), some players complained about the limited save options in Returnal, at least in its first weeks.

About Metroid Dread, released last Friday, the truth is that there are some bosses and sections that make us sweat ink, reminding us of the demanding times of the first games in the series.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is also part of this list of titles, and Jaffe believes that it is ” becoming fashionable ” to make difficult games in the middle of 2021. Will Elden Ring be another of these games?

What do you think of the statements of David jaffe? Are you for or against? The truth is we have options for everyoneBoth those who prefer challenging experiences and those who opt for something simpler.

Source: David jaffe

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