Genshin Impact 2.2 files confirm Shenhe and Yunjin’s voice lines

Genshin Impact 2.2 files confirm Shenhe and Yunjin's voice lines

On new leaks by Genshin Impact after version 2.2 yet to come, the pre-installation has been the victim of dataminers. This has revealed Shenhe and Yunjin voice lines for the first time.

This would confirm, finally, that in the future they would be playable, as with the game, since sometimes some characters have voice lines on your profile for upcoming releases or as characters yet to be revealed.

This serves to see which ones will arrive soon, unless myHoYo decide to reveal them on your own, foiling the plans of these dataminers; just yesterday the same thing happened with Arataki Itto.

In the case of Shenhe and Yunjin, were among the first characters discovered by datamining in Genshin Impact ahead of its 2020 release. But one thing happened, and it is that they have never been presented, in fact We only saw Yunjin a few days ago in one of the scenes.

The new voices in the profile added in 2.2 to Xingqiu, Ganyu and Hu tao include new “about Shenhe“Meanwhile, the voice lines.”about Yunjin“will be added to Ningguang, Keqing and Xingqiu.

Like other times, this has been shared by Twitter, taking into account that Xiao, Ningguang and Chongyun they also have about Shenhe; although they are blocked by a special achievement.

It is assumed that the Genshin Impact version 2.2 It will arrive on October 13 and that will be when these voices are added to the game. The update marks the return of Childe and the return of Hu Tao’s banner with the new character, Thoma, within.

Remember that Shenhe has never appeared in a scene story and that the images of your model are from datamining from a year ago.

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Note that this does not mean a Shenhe and Yunjin’s imminent arrival, there are other characters with voice lines in the game since its inception, such as Varka, Alice, Baizhu or Yao Yao, which remain unavailable.

Genshin Impact’s 3D billboard continues to create crowds in China, a game that was released ago one year on PC, PS4 and mobiles, months later in PS5, and that still still in development for Nintendo Switch.

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