Fans have been waiting for more than two years to get their hands on Stranger Things season 4 in Netflix, and the wait is not over yet.

Luckily, the team occasionally shares impressions and details of the new episodes of the series created by the duffer brothers.

The coronavirus pandemic was primed with audiovisual productions all over the planet, and Stranger things was no exception.

However, the Duffer brothers said that, in part, the hiatus had served them well to be able to start production with the entire season written and closed.

During the New York ComicCon from 2021, (via Entertainment Weekly), David harbor, the actor who plays Sheriff Cooper, has compared Stranger Things to Lost.

During the series panel, Harbor explained that they are trying to bring all the plots that have been created throughout the seasons of Stranger Things to a satisfactory conclusion at some point.

The actor referred, laughing, to that appearance of the polar bear in Lost, which was never heard of again, and the unsatisfactory ending for many that the series had.

He also assured that season 4 of Stranger things would be the “deepest” of the four, and that it would benefit from the experience that his cast had acquired, both in the series and in other productions.

The Upside Down World will come into play again in season 4 of Stranger Things, with new threats coming from that mysterious dimension.

David Harbor’s character, Sheriff Cooper, will return in some way, as confirmed by the series’ teasers, although he ended season 3 in a “presumed dead” state.

What do you expect from season 4 of Stranger Things? Will you maintain the level of the series after this long hiatus?