Location of all Far Cry 6 cryptograms: where to find all chests

Far Cry 6 "does not want to make a political statement about what is happening in Cuba," explains Ubisoft

In Far Cry 6 it is always important to loot and get all possible resources and materials. In your revolutionary adventure you will find all kinds of chests with which to satisfy your looting desires.

However, there are some special chests that need to be opened fulfilling a small requirement: find two cryptograms. Today we tell you where each of them is:

Location of all Far Cry 6 cryptograms: where to find all chests

There is a total of 15 chests and 30 cryptograms scattered around Yara. Not all of them follow the same order and you will need two to get the reward from the chests.

Each cryptogram is relatively close to the chest it opens, so if you want to do it on your own, once the chest is discovered you just have to be an observer. Anyway, we make it a little easier for you.

Chest 1: Quito, Ventura Summit

  • Cryptogram 1: On the roof of the building where the chest itself is.
  • Cryptogram 6: In the pipe behind the building.

Chest 2: Costa Del Mar, Aguda Cliffs

  • Cryptogram 10: use the jet ski and go to the rocky island in front of the chest. In its rear part it climbs by a handle.
  • Cryptogram 25: Go through the lighthouse cape and reach a rock face with blue paint. Use the hook.

Chest 3: Costa Del Mar, Serpentino Park

  • Cryptogram 3: From the chest, follow the white boards to the beach and to an island.
  • Cryptogram 22: Follow the white boards over the rocks and a rock arrives in the water.

Chest 4: Lozania, Verdera – Restricted area behind a fence.

  • Cryptogram 16: Follow the blue markings on the rooftops.
  • Cryptogram 19: Go to the other end of the city and bask a wind chime on the water tank.

Chest 5: Beautiful Waters, Ida’s Refuge

  • Cryptogram 12: Across the marina on an island full of palm trees.
  • Cryptogram 28: Get a jet ski right next to it and head to the island opposite. There is a broken opening in the dock that you can dive through.

Chest 6: Shootings, Diamonds Lakes – Building south of Ferdza.

  • Cryptogram 4: Near the ruins of a building. Break up wood debris.
  • Cryptogram 23: Near a car next to a cabin, break the wood to find the prize.

Chest 7: Cruz Del Salvador, Sabiduria Valley – Fields Watchtower

  • Cryptogram 13: A large pit in the fields with a ladder blocked by debris. Destroy them.
  • Cryptogram 29: A well with a ladder in the fields. Shoot what is blocking your way.

Chest 8: Noventarms, Cielo Gardens – South of Guillermo Castillo Bay in the fort

  • Cryptogram 9: From the chest, climb the ledges and climb the tower with the hook.
  • Cryptogram 26: At the top of the tower equip the wingsuit and cross to the tower on the other side of the bridge.

Chest 9: Neighborhood, Death Point

  • Cryptogram 20: From the chest go left and go down to a dock. The cryptogram is below it.
  • Cryptogram 17: From the chest go right and destroy the wall. You will see a cove with the prize.

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Chest 10: La Joya, Dorada Cove – Rooftop of the restricted area west of Equena Bay.

  • Cryptogram 18: Look west towards the apartment buildings from where the chest is. Go up to the one covered in graffiti.
  • Cryptogram 21: Apartment building to the north, near the water.

Chest 11: Sierra Pendura, Nueva Vida – South beach of Canto De Paso.

  • Cryptogram 14: North shore of the lagoon, next to a white shed.
  • Cryptogram 30: From there go to a ruined dock and access the western shore of the lagoon. You will see a small wooden building.

Chest 12: Lost Sierra, Savannah Fields – Higado Lake, north shore.

  • Cryptogram 7: In an old building near the chest, to the west.
  • Cryptogram 27: A hut on a hill near the chest.

Chest 13: Conoco, Concepción – The tallest building in the north of the city.

  • Cryptogram 5: In a courtyard north of the chest. Now go to the building on the right to find it.
  • Cryptogram 24: Roof of the courtyard to the northwest of the city. On the roof there is a shed.

Chest 14: Hope, West Side – Seven Birds Apartments.

  • Cryptogram 8: Climb a ladder around a corner after seeing the chest. Near the zip line is the prize.
  • Cryptogram 15: Get on the zip line and climb the vines.

Chest 15: Esperanza, Pueblo Viejo – On the rooftop opposite, northwest corner.

  • Cryptogram 11: Go down the roof path on the right until you reach a balcony.
  • Cryptogram 2 – Go through a door near the chest and go through a scaffolding inside a ruined building. Reach an apartment building after jumping off a ramp.

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