HoYeon Jung (The Squid Game) and his obsession with Sonic Adventure 2: “I think it’s something the world needs right now”

HoYeon Jung (The Squid Game) and his obsession with Sonic Adventure 2: "I think it's something the world needs right now"

The squid game is one of the most watched series of the moment and Netflix, with a popularity that has no ceiling. One of his actresses, Hoyeon Jung, has revealed his recent obsession with Sonic Adventure 2

The actress who plays Sae-byeok in the Korean “fiction” of Netflix she is one of the interpreters that is having the most attraction along with his other protagonists of the series.

Hoyeon jungBesides being an actress, she is also south korean model. Such is his fame for it that Vogue has defined it as “Korea’s Next Top Model“; although many have discovered it thanks to this role in the Netflix series.

And it has been on the part of this fashion magazine that we have an interview with her, in which he has left several interesting parts. As for example, to what has been playing recently and what she is obsessed with.

As he comments to the fashion magazine Vogue Korea, has recently developed a growing obsession with the video game Sonic Adventure 2. “I think it’s something the world needs right now“.

It’s more, not only has he recorded this for the good of the world, and it makes your day better. “Every time I play it my mood changes for the better“, He said.

LThe filming sessions for The Squid Game on Netflix were intense, but in many photographs of the film set he seems to have developed a very affable bond with the cast of actors and actresses.

We know this thanks to its creator, who confessed the stress he suffered on the set: “I lost 6 teeth”.

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And you,Have you seen and / or played The Squid Game and Sonic Adventure 2?

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