What are special operations in Far Cry 6 and how to access them

What are special operations in Far Cry 6 and how to access them

Once we have completed the Far Cry 6 storySurely we have a lot to do in Yara. But if you are looking for a special challenge for Dani Rojas, it is best that you embark on special operations.

To start special operations we must talk to the person in charge of the black market, Lola, who is next to the guerrilla camps Máxima Matanzas (It is marked with a star on the map).

And we warn you that fulfilling special operations is a requirement for overcome some insurgency missions, which appear weekly in the game.

These missions can be play solo or multiplayer, and take place in special parts of the Yara map. For example, Maceo takes place in a destroyed area whose access is controlled by the army.

During the mission the map is deactivated, since a part of the The objective is to orient yourself with the help of the maps that are scattered around the stage..

Another of the special requirements of this operation is that we must transporting an explosive without increasing its temperature, walking in the shade and using the water sources to cool it down.

The second special operation available is Mesozoic, and proposes similar rules, in this case, in a theme park dedicated to dinosaurs, with nods to Jurassic Park, such as the design of the entrance door.

Special operations are rewarded with currency and unique pieces of equipment, and evaluate the amount of casualties caused and if we have played it in solo or cooperative mode.

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