Genshin Impact leaks advance rerun banner changes after 2.3 update

Genshin Impact leaks advance rerun banner changes after 2.3 update

Genshin Impact players keep getting information apparently leaked for the future of the game and its next patches and updates.

Although version 2.2 is the one that has attracted the most attention for some time, there are already those who are thinking about the new update. Patch 2.3 is already revealing its secrets.

Recent leaks seem to suggest that Genshin Impact will present changes to its banners. A user of Reddit, named nkhrchy, shared leaked images that come from an Imgur post.

The banner will contain characters that have already gone through 2 reruns (e.g. Childe) and will have a mechanic similar to the Epitomized Path for the current weapon banner. Therefore, these characters will no longer appear in the normal limited banner.

In addition, it was added that the banner could only be placed when there are at least two characters that have had two reruns, which could lead to a new currency, although this is not confirmed.

As we say, nothing is sure, so we will have to wait for the patch notes released by miHoYo to know what new features this 2.3 update incorporates, which is still far in time.

The popular game free to play It is still one of the most played today, although it has generated controversy in recent days, but it continues to report all kinds of initiatives and curious collaborations.

Without going any further, Razer and Genshin Impact have joined forces with licensed products such as mats, chairs and more gaming accessories. Will you get some?

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