Season of FIFA 22 has started. More players have connected to the launch of EA’s new soccer game than ever, and many of them will be participating in FUT, FIFA Ultimate Team, the metagame where you get player cards to create your teams.

This mode has been criticized for its dependence on loot boxes, associated with gambling and betting and which have caused more and more associations and governments, including Spanish, try to regulate it.

The situation is especially dire when we think that FIFA 22 and FUT are hugely popular with kids and teens, who can access the game without problem, since it does not have any age restriction in any of the rating agencies (+3 PEGI).

However, Chris Bruzzo, EA’s Chief Experience Office, is totally blunt in an interview with Eurogamer. “Children shouldn’t spend on our game. “

In fact, according to our records, there are a very low percentage of underage accounts. And most importantly, by default we do not allow spending to accounts under the age of 18. We also work with Sony and Microsoft to install default control measures for children. Kids shouldn’t spend on FIFA, period“.

He admits that it was a human error on his team when advertising to buy FIFA points appeared in a children’s magazine.

It was literally someone accepting boxes in places to put FIFA ads, a process we normally check to make sure where those ads go, but this time we missed it. That’s why they included FUT in a toy catalog. And we apologize. Yes we make mistakes. “

Bruzzo explains that only one in ten FUT packages open for real money, 90% are opened with coins that are won in the game. Furthermore, only 78% of FIFA 21 players did not spend any money on the game other than purchasing the game.

“Players can decide. 30 million people played last year, and in one form or another, worldwide and on mobile, there are more than 100 million players. And yes, we offer players many options.”

Bruzzo explains other measures taken this year after hearing the complaints and concerns, such as being able to see the probability in the FUT packs. In addition, he defends that FUT is above all a game of strategy and skill, rejecting the idea that it is pay to win.

The truth is that FIFA Ultimate Team is above all a game of skill, and that is something we constantly study. The player’s skill is by far the biggest contributor to the success of the game“.

Source: Eurogamer