ASTRO Collection 2 auriculares gaming personalizados ASTRO ID A40 TR

The ASTRO ID COLLECTION 2 expands your customization for the A40 TR headphones with new colors and options

ASTRO Gaming, the well-known brand of high-end gaming peripherals has just announced the launch of the ASTRO ID Collection 2, an extension of their initiative with which gamers will be able to create their own custom ASTRO ID A40 TR headphones, adding new options to color both the structure and the exterior design of the headphones.

Customization options for the ASTRO.ID A40 TR gaming headset include headband, ear pads, headband, inline mute cable, microphone, and speaker tags. In addition, now we can choose between the eight new colors from the “Super Fresh” palette, with a predominance of pastel tones so far absent from the A40 headphone line. The headband on the headphones and the five additional accessories feature up to eight colors (white, moon gray, mint, coral, baby yellow, heart pink, sky blue and sweet purple) that can be customized with more than 500,000 combinations.

But not only that. To enhance this experience, this online editor will allow us to save and share our design, facilitating the exchange of ideas so that we find our perfect design.

Customizing play equipment is one of the many ways gamers and content creators express themselves live, on stage, or with their friends.“, States from the company,”The very positive feedback from the ASTRO ID Collection 1 community allowed us to offer more colors and options this time around, as well as offering it to users in Europe for the first time. We can’t wait to see the color scheme that gamers propose. “

About the ASTRO A40 TR

The ASTRO A40 TR headphones with microphone for PC and Mac are the high-end audio solution for professional gamers, eSports athletes, content creators, streamers and game developers, highlighting its quality sound, its exceptional comfort, its great durability and its flexible modularity.

They were developed in collaboration with eSports athletes, to meet their rigorous requirements for audio fidelity, comfort, and durability. Adaptable to any environment, the A40 TRs are supplied as open-back headphones, a position-switchable precision microphone, and customizable speaker labels.

And is that these headphones are equipped with a 40mm open dynamic sound driver optimized for gaming, with a wide frequency response from 20 to 20,000 Hz, along with one 6.0mm unidirectional microphone, and MixAmp Pro TR station for Dolby Digital surround sound processing and audio control between game and communication.

Availability and price

Currently we can already find the ASTRO ID A40 TR headphones available exclusively through its official website, low a price of 199.99 euros which include free shipping costs. Thus, the company ensures that the custom headphones are designed, shipped and delivered within approximately four weeks of your order, in a single box that includes a case for the A40 headphones.





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