Get the three relics of the Triad in Far Cry 6 and the pet Oluso

Get the three relics of the Triad in Far Cry 6 and the pet Oluso

For get Dani Rojas’s last companion We have to complete one of the most complicated (and fun) Yarana stories in Far Cry 6. We must find the three Oluwas placed at the end of three pilgrimages.

These three relics add a supernatural tinge to the development of Far Cry 6, and are inspired by Caribbean beliefs, such as the Yoruba.

First Relic: Ida Triad

It’s found In the area of ​​Madrugada, in the lunatic caves. The entrance is west of Verdera and south of Mogote Dos Monjas.

This first relic is a skill check. To achieve the Ida Triad, Dani Rojas must climb a series of ledges and jump between the different zip lines, without falling to the ground.

Second Relic: Abosi Mime Triad

In the province of La Joya is the Abosi Mime Triad. We must look for an entrance to a cave, which is located in a construction site, north of Rahe Plateau and south of Small Reservoir.

Must disconnect the generator outside (pulling the plug hidden behind some boards). Collect the cold room card found on a corpse. After going through the underwater cave, open the elevator with the switch in the cooling room and descend.

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Third Relic: Triad of Okú

It is in Valle del Oro, in the old Spanish fort just west of the Anguilla Strait. We have to wait until dark to be able to access the last puzzle, since it can only be entered through the main door.

To find the key, we must interact with it hidden switch behind the first dining room mirror.

Then a secret room will open, with three buttons (the combination to open this passage is written on a letter, but it is very simple: center, left, right).

A new secret room has been opened upstairs. And, of course, it has a puzzle hidden in a piano. It is enough to read the score to solve it and open the way to the next adjoining room in which it is located. the dungeon key.

The reform in the law of the game to introduce “loot boxes”

We go through the cells and the mannequin trap until we reach a small courtyard, where we must climb using the hook. From the roof, we take a zip line to another area of ​​the patio, where there is a well, closed with a metal fence.

The well is opened by pressing a button from the mannequin room (if we have not done it before, we will have to go back), and then we unhook using the hook from the curb. The arrows indicate the location of the relic.

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You just have to activate fast travel to Sanctuary Island to return the three charms. to the cave of the Oluwas. After a fight against spirit panthers, the last companion, Oluso, will join Dani Rojas’ team.

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