Get the Revolutionary Leader Team in Far Cry 6

Get the Revolutionary Leader Team in Far Cry 6

As part of the Far Cry 6 guide, we tell you how to get one of the best equipment in the game, which is not available in any of the stores distributed by Yara.

After the level the assault on the Lion’s Den, which takes place near the end of the story. We will receive the revolutionary leader set. This mission is part of the line of objectives entrusted to us by Juan Cortez.

We have to infiltrate the Lion Island, and carry out a rescue mission (We will not tell you more to avoid “spoiler”). Upon escaping alive from Antón Castillo’s elite troops, we will meet again with the members of Libertad.

At that moment Dani Rojas receives the revolutionary leader’s equipment and equips it automatically. It is one of the best sets available in the game, and it is the most recommended to carry out the last operations.

This kit consists of Revolutionary’s Beret (improves headshot damage), Revolutionary’s Vest (improves defense against exposed, armor-piercing, and explosive target ammunition).

It is also made up of Revolutionary Pants (health begins to regenerate shortly after taking damage) Revolutionary Boots (improves movement speed after taking damage) and Revolutionary Gloves (improves manual healing recharge).

The reform in the law of the game to introduce “loot boxes”

They are pieces of 3 and 4 stars, of the highest rating that we are going to get during the main campaign of Far Cry 6. And we remind you that it is not available in stores.

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