Everything that the Twitch leak has revealed: source code, passwords, payments and what is to come

Everything that the Twitch leak has revealed: source code, passwords, payments and what is to come

A data breach has revealed all information about Twitch. A hacker would have managed to bypass the security of the direct platform to obtain an immense amount of confidential data and post it on 4Chan.

What has been leaked? Apart from the payments to the great streamers around the world, Twitch source code with comment history since its inception it has also been liberated.

This could cause serious problems for the company that has also seen Twitch, mobile, PC and console clients included have also been leaked.

Besides, other sensitive information such as proprietary SDKs and internal AWS services used by Twitch and all other properties owned by Twitch, including IGDB and CurseForge also appear.

The 125GB file also mentions a supposed Steam-like platform codenamed Vapor, from Amazon Game Studios, something of which there was no record.

Finally, they have exposed some of Twitch’s internal ‘red teaming’ tools used for purple platform security, which do not appear to have prevented the escape.

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Therefore, it is important that at least and despite the fact that the true scope of all this is not known, change user passwords, stream key, and two-step authentication is performed.

This could be a barrier to any problem that may arise for streamers, official channels and users in the future, since there is still a lot of information to be clarified.

There could be a number of disclosures in the next few hours and days. Possible extra leaks cannot be ruled out.

Since the pandemic, Twitch has become one of the most popular entertainment media and many figures such as Ibai, El Rubius or Auronplay have moved to take their content there.

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