Elden Ring is in the final stages of development and more details confirmed by its producer Yasuhiro Kitao

Elden Ring is in the final stages of development and more details confirmed by its producer Yasuhiro Kitao

Elden Ring is one step closer to being a total reality with its launch. The game, as confirmed by its producer Yasuhiro kitao, is already in the final stages of development.

On an interview with Famitsu, Kitao has confirmed this and more details. “What will be the difficulty level of Elden Ring?“To which he replies:”It will be a game that more players can enjoy“.

Famitsu He asked initially and directly about the state of development of the game, to which he replied: “We are in the final stages and we move forward calmly“, but later they were interested in the kind of game that would be Elden Ring.

It is a culmination of the FromSoftware experience in dark fantasy action. You will be able to enjoy a high difficulty and a pleasant feeling when overcoming it, the pleasure of discovering the unknown and the creation of the world“.

In the characteristics of the world, confirmed “Open field exploration and visit large and small dungeons. There are many to see, such as catacombs and auditoriums. At the end of the world there is a legacy“.

Without moving anyone, but with these he refers big as castles from previous games. Elden Ring is “very funny“play on the map and its”structure is unusual“Maybe there are unpublished things.

Kitao explained that there will be horses (Reimas) to gallop, out and into tight dungeons, what gives rise to the new elementSpiritual Horses‘. According to him: “You won’t be able to call them in dungeons, but you can in open country“.

They will have great mobility like jumping two steps and reducing stress. Obviously, you will be able to use a mounted bow and / or sword. When there are several enemies it is easier to fight without the horse, but when fighting with a great dragon, it will be easier to stay mounted“, he explained.

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As for the fact in the map size, Kitao said: “We have a large map prepared, but not loaded with missions, players can explore as much as they want“.

However, even if there are no missions, there will be a system so that no one gets lost“In other games there were no maps, in Elden Ring there will be, being able to collect fragments of the ground and mark places to go, etc.

Summarize in what the map isa system to go where you want, but that also warns of dangers“. As the Fromsoftware’s hallmark is the difficulty, Kitao confirms that “it will be very difficult“.

It’s easy (laughs)“, answer back, “but we want there to be a feeling of achievement and one of the ways to achieve it is with a high difficulty […] the older, the more sense of accomplishment“.

There will be ways to help this experience, such as being surrounded by enemies and summoning a spirit to fight with you.“And presenting this, it confirms that there will be stealth as in Sekiro: Shadows die twice.

The map you can explore it to your liking, so if you can’t move on “go level up and come back later because the area is complicated“, it said. As a finale, offers a message to the fans who are looking forward to the game.

We published the video with a release date of June 2021, after two years of no information since its announcement at E3 2019. I thought you would forget until then, but there are a lot of people waiting for it“.

I would like to thank you all again, we will continue to develop the game to meet your expectations.“.

Source: Famitsu

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