Twitch will better protect its creators to avoid “hate raids”, after the demands of the strike

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An unprecedented event took place a month ago: a twitch strike, in which tens of thousands of creators stopped broadcasting for a day. The reason? Protesting Twitch’s Failure to Take Action Against Calls “hate raids”, that is to say, mass harassment fueled by bots against specific targets.

The victims of these raids received hundreds or thousands of comments with hateful messages, often against people belonging to minorities, who even disclosed personal information. As of today, Twitch has implemented measures to prevent more cases from arising.

They have communicated it in a blog post, information already advanced by Kotaku. The method consists of a verification by phone number.

Although you do not need the phone to create an account on Twitch, the creators will be able to decide that the users who participate in the chat are verified with their phone number.

The thing to keep in mind is that they are the creators who must activate this option, which by default will be disabled.

What’s more, can choose whether to require verification by phone to all the accounts that enter your chat, to those who comment for the first time, to those created in the last days or months or to those who have been following that channel in the last days or months.

It also can choose whether to exclude moderators, subscribers and VIPs of this requirement.

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What if you have multiple Twitch accounts? You can use the same mobile to link five accounts, but if one of them is suspended, all the accounts registered to that mobile will also be suspended. This also extends to email verified accounts.

This reinforcement in the account verification processes (which in the case of verification by phone is optional) it will make it difficult for users who have already been reported or bots to enter.

According to Twitch, this is a first step in all their measures to protect their creators, with whom they have been working for months, and are optimistic of its positive impact on users.

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