The great trolling of Netflix to PlayStation with its latest success The Squid Game

The great trolling of Netflix to PlayStation with its latest success The Squid Game

One of the new series that you can see through Netflix and that premiered very recently on Netflix Spain is The Squid Game, a South Korean series that is being a success due to its approach full of plot twists and deadly games of the more diverse.

Although it has not yet entered between the Most viewed Netflix series by hours of viewing in the first 28 days Because it has just been released, the truth is that it is likely that next month it will be present, and right now it is one of the most viewed series in recent hours, at least in our country.

One of the peculiarities of The Squid Game is that it is based on a series of symbols that, if you are a PlayStation user, will sound like a circle, triangle and square that refers to the different symbols that you can see , for example, on the buttons on your PlayStation controller.

And of course, social networks are for this type of thing, and the official account of PlayStation Latin America on Twitter did not miss the opportunity to respond to the original message from Netflix Latin America in which it spoke of the circle, triangle and square symbols, hinting that the X was missing.

But against all odds Netflix Latin America answered stating that the X was missing, but referring to the main competitor of PlayStation.

Be that as it may, these tweets have gone viral, with hundreds of messages and thousands of likes, and it may be a good example for those who are studying a Community Manager course.

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