When Far Cry 6 was officially released, many took notice of Sausage, the disabled dachshund. Well now you can see a fantastic cosplay that will steal your heart.

In one of the multiple game promotions via Twtter, Ubisoft He recently put one of the last ones with Chorizo. In it, the dog could be seen sniffing, looking at the camera and finally growling at an alert.

You already know that Far Cry 6 is coming, in fact it will be released the next week of October. For this reason, the company has intensified game promotion, although many do not need that.

And present the Yara region with the slogan of “We have Chorizo“Maybe it will encourage many more. But this has served as an asset for a Twitter account, and cosplayer, will publish the Chorizo ​​cosplay.

If you have not yet into Far Cry 6, we leave you with our impressions after 5 hours of play. But this is not the issue right now, we have come to talk about game dachshund.

And here we leave it inserted, because although it is not exact to the game for obvious reasons, the final result is fantastic and will satisfy all users and future players of Far Cry 6.

As has been normal, the chorizo ​​cosplay has caused a sensation and even the official Ubisoft account have seen it. It is not for less, since it reflects even the essence of in-game workshop where Chorizo ​​was presented.

On the other hand, remember that Far Cry 6 announced its free updates to PS5 and Xbox Series X | S for PS4 and Xbox One buyers.

Far Cry 6 will feature Ray Tracing only on PC

Remember that we also already have the Hobby Consolas 363 for sale, with the Far Cry 6 dictatorship and other cover shooters.

In another vein, now you can use your mobile as a video game controller on Stadia, in case you go to play Far Cry 6 on the Google platform.