Video games can often help people to Have a better quality of life. This is one of those cases, though in an indirect way… and the sea of ​​curious.

A group of scientists has discovered a brain protein that may help cure Parkinson’s, a nervous system disease that affects millions of people (like actor Michael J. Fox).

Interestingly, this protein is called ”sonic hedgehog”, whose scientific acronym is Shh. Yes, a possible cure for Parkinson’s It is named after Sega’s blue hedgehog, which is known for its blistering speed.

Till the date, Parkinson’s treatment is based on L-dopa, a substitute for dopamine, which is the brain molecule whose loss causes this disease. Now, it is known that it is possible combine treatment with ” sonic hedgehog ”.

According to the medical publication Communications Biology, this Sonic brain protein can be an effective neurotransmitter, which could lead to better treatments for Parkinson’s.

The ” sonic hedgehog ” protein, inhibited by another named ” robotnikin ” (in honor of Dr. Robotnik, villain of the hedgehog saga) also helps brain cells regenerate, so his research would be a medical breakthrough.

Michael J. Fox

Deep brain stimulation does not help everyone, it is very invasive, and not everyone is eligible for surgery. The procedure is not accessible to everyone either

Obviously, both discoveries have been named after a scientist’s fanaticism for Sonic the Hedgehog. So yes, Sonic would dress up as a rogue hero to advance Parkinson’s treatment.

At the moment, the CUNY group of scientists specifies that a test treatment will be carried out in animals (mice and primates), before proceeding with its investigation in humans.

Our beloved blue hedgehog has a new mission: to help our society of a giant step towards its goal to eradicate Parkinson’s, a disease that every day makes life difficult for many people in our world.

Source: NeoScope