The first online event of Netflix dedicated to his fans around the world took place yesterday afternoon, and thanks to Tudum We have been able to know the latest news about the series and movies that are about to reach the streaming platform.

We have already seen the first images of long-awaited series such as the opening of the live action of Cowboy bebop, or a few seconds of Sandman, the live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comics.

But in Tudum, anime was also very present, a content that is being strongly promoted since Netflix, as evidenced by the exclusivity of Home to the Drift, the new film by Studio Colores -studio that is behind other titles such as Cat love or Penguin Highway-, or the announcement of a new anime feature film by The witcher after the success of The Nightmare of the Wolf.

Thus, Netflix has shared the first promotional image of the fourth season of Aggretsuko that will be released the month of December on the platform. We leave you with him Aggretsuko poster:

It has been a year since the last season of the series was released, in August of last year, which left us with one of the most varied and fun seasons, punctuated by the most surreal moments.

At the end of 2020, the renewal of Aggretsuko for a fourth season, although we haven’t heard from her since. We have very little left to have our favorite red panda on screen again, but while we wait for a trailer to be released, we remind you of its synopsis:

Retsuko She is a 25-year-old red panda who has managed to work in the accounting department of the company of her dreams, but it is not as rewarding as she thought, because her superiors do not stop sending her work. His only escape route is to sing death metal at karaoke when he gets out of work.