There are funkos for all tastes. Some are simpler, others are more original and others are, directly, exclusive. AND Of all the Funkos out there, Marvel definitely takes the cake as for exclusive figurines that are out of stock as soon as they come out.

It is the case of this Iron Man Funko such and as it appears in its stellar moment of Avengers: Endgame. A Funko that sweeps wherever it goes and that has become one of the most sought after by collectors. And now, there is stock at Fnac for only 17.99 euros.

Get this exclusive Iron Man Funko for 17.99 euros!

The figure has a discount of 10% until next Sunday 26, since the store is celebrating its Fnac days with a 10% direct discount. If you are also a member, you also have an additional 5% discount.

As for the figure itself, it is one of the most difficult Funkos to get, and more for that price. It is a funko to use approximately 10 centimeters high, made of PVC and that it comes with its particular box

So what makes this Funko so special? Well what depicts the superhero Iron Man in his prime culminating the Avengers: Endgame movie. Iron Man wears broken armor and his face bloody and about to cry out his legendary phrase: “And I am Iron Man“.

The Funko has the Infinity Gems on his right arm and his hand is about to make the snap that would save the Universe. What’s more, This is a Funko “Glow In The Dark”, which means that his right arm glows in the dark.

So that the arm glows in the dark, you only have to “feed” it with light for a few minutes (the light of a flashlight is enough, or the light of your room if it is illuminated with a floor or ceiling lamp) and eventually, in the dark, you will see how Iron Man’s arm glows with the Infinity Stones.

This is one of the most difficult Funkos to get, and more for this price, so take advantage of the fact that there is stock in Fnac of the most wanted Iron Man Funko for only 17.99 euros, 16.99 euros if you belong to the Fnac Members Club.