Selecta Vision reveals tons of news about Naruto: new dubbing, Shippuden on Blu-Ray …

Selecta Vision reveals tons of news about Naruto: new dubbing, Shippuden on Blu-Ray ...

Select Vision gave the bell yesterday when he announced that he would launch the entire Naruto Shippuden series on DVD and Blu-Ray with a new dubbing. Yesterday we already told you that David Jenner (Sam in The Lord of the Rings) would be the new voice of Naruto Uzumaki (Uzumaki Naruto). Now we have more voices confirmed thanks to our colleague Antonio Sánchez-Migallón.

Sasuke Uchiha (Uchiha Sasuke) will feature the voice of Carles teruel, who recently gave voice to Akaza in Guardians of the Night (Kimetsu no Yaiba): Infinite Train.

The voice of Sakura haruno (Haruno Sakura) will be in charge of Nerea Alfonso, who we saw also recently lend a voice to Melissa in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

The good of Kakashi hatake (Hatake Kakashi) will feature the voice of Toni Mora, who will give voice to Ikki of the Phoenix on Saint Seiya.

This new dubbing of Naruto Shippuden will encompass the entire series, from the first episode to the last, and will also feature a new revision of the translation of the series. Nevertheless, the first 111 episodes will also have the option of the original dubbing, so that the most nostalgic do not lose part of the essence that hooked them to the anime.

The first box of the new edition of Naruto Shippuden will arrive in Spain this fall, although the exact date on which it will go on sale has not yet been confirmed. It is the first time that Naruto Shippuden has been released in Spain on DVD and Blu-Ray, so it is a unique opportunity to get the complete series and follow the adventures of the young ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village.

We will be attentive in case the release date of that first Naruto Shippuden box with the new Spanish dubbing is confirmed, or any other news related to this new edition. What do you think of the selection of voice actors?

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