Nintendo announced a Expansion Pack for your Nintendo Switch Online subscription service with sets Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive. Starting in October, subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online will be able to pay an extra price, not yet disclosed, with which to access a separate game catalog, as revealed in the Nintendo Direct.

However, it seems that users in Europe could keep the 50 Hz PAL versions of Nintendo 64 games, which would mean that the games would work slower, and with black bands above and below that would distort the image.

User Volvagia224 shares images captured from Japanese and European Nintendo Direct broadcasts, and between the European and North American. As you can see, the size of the screen is different, as well as the fluidity with which Epona was moving in the intro of Zelda Ocarina of Time, much slower and with fewer frames in the European.

Everything seems to indicate that the games that are part of the Nintendo Switch Online catalog in Europe (the PAL region) will receive conversions based on the original Nintendo 64 games in their PAL version, although Nintendo has stated that “they have nothing to announce about this subject for the moment “to media like VGC and Eurogamer.

This dilemma dates back to the days of Nintendo 64 and the differences between televisions (and that affected many other consoles of the 90s), when the games that arrived in Europe, PAL version, differed from American NTSC versions (at 60Hz), with higher image quality and fluidity.

Although most users would not notice the difference, if finally the Nintendo 64 games that arrive in Europe on Nintendo Switch Online are conversions of the original PAL, would mean they would be slower (17%, according to some comparisons between PAL and NTSC) than the NTSC that Switch users in America would enjoy, or those in Japan.

The aspect ratio of the image would also change, with the PAL version being slightly “flattened”. It remains to be seen if it will finally be like this, or if they will let you choose which version to play.

The difference in speed could be decisive since these games will have online multiplayer, which could cause problems if a European user plays with an American or Japanese one.

In any case, if finally the European application of Nintendo Switch Online turns out to be limited to the PAL versions and not NTSC, there is a simple solution. Since the console is region free, you can download the American or Japanese versions of the app by creating an account from another region, something that is very easy (and also allows you to play exclusive games of regions).

There are still many unknowns about this expansion of the Nintendo Switch Online service that were not revealed in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. What we do know is the initial list of Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive games that will have this expansion when it launches, and some of those that will come out in the future.

Source: VGC