Brave Talk

Brave Talk, a new private video conferencing service tied to the web browser

Brave talk is a new video conferencing service built around the increasingly popular web browser and therefore focused on respecting user privacy.

The developers of the Brave web browser never cease to amaze us and after announcing nothing less than their own search engine, Brave Search, different from the rest of the alternatives in its category for offering their own results, now present Brave Talk, a videoconferencing service, as we say , focused on privacy and linked to the same browser.

The latter is important, because unlike Brave Search, Brave Talk only works through Brave, or so it is at least for the moment: just enter the Brave Talk site to confirm the requirement, and it is that without Brave there is no Talk worthwhile. However, only the person initiating the chat should be using Brave; all other participants can use any other “modern web browser”.

Otherwise, Brave Talk is exactly what you would expect: a service in the style of Zoom and the like with an equally simple operation: you create a room, share the link between the participants, enable the camera and microphone, etc. It has no loss. Anyone who has used a current video conferencing service will be able to get on with Brave Talk without the slightest problem.

In fact, Brave Talk does not reinvent the wheel, rather is based on the popular open source software Jitsi, which in turn runs on the WebRTC open standard, whose support is available in all current web browsers. As presented, Brave Talk is a Jitsi as a Service, as is the Jitsi Meet itself.

«Connecting with colleagues and friends through video conferencing channels is now the norm, and as users become increasingly aware of privacy concerns online, there is a growing need for an option that puts privacy first.«Explains Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave. «Big Tech has a firm grip on today’s market and Brave is determined to offer users an alternative that defies the giants and puts power back in the hands of the user.«.

After more than a year in testing under the name Brave Together, Brave Talk is now available to all web browser users, some 36 million monthly active users according to Eich, as well as anyone else who wants to use it. Its accessory features include “group video viewing, YouTube live streaming, and unlimited call duration for all free users«… Because there is also a paid version, yes.

«Brave offers a Premium version of Brave Talk for $ 7 per month, which provides call recordings, hosting tools such as participant muting and entry access codes, and more for calls with hundreds of people. official announcement, without specifying the limit of users in free mode. If it works as a Jitsi Meet, it would have 75 participants, always depending on the load to which its servers are subjected, but this point has not been disclosed.

On the other hand, access to Brave Talk from Android and iOS is covered for the moment, restricted to the paid version of the service, although the free version will be enabled in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, you can try this private video conferencing alternative from your PC desktop.

It might seem that Brave Talk arrives very late, when the explosion of this type of service has already flattened everything it had to do, but it is never too late if the happiness is good, which is often said, and any service that respects the user is Welcome. Most interesting of all, however, is where it comes from.





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