YouTube Premium ahora incluye tres meses de Stadia Pro

YouTube is testing downloading videos for offline viewing

YouTube is testing the download videos for playback without internet connection, a feature already present in the mobile application of the service that is now being transferred to the web application, the one used on PC through any web browser.

Indeed, downloading content for offline viewing is a common feature of all types of audio and video services over the Internet. streaming, whose purpose is to avoid wasting data or a bad experience due to the available network speed. In short, you download what you want to see later – when you are in a position to do it optimally – and consume it later without worrying about anything concerning the connection.

As well, YouTube is implementing this feature in the web application that is accessed with the web browser on the PC – the YouTube site, go – and according to the story, go that way, but it won’t take long to be ready. Of course, it can only be used when the essential requirement of being a YouTube Premium user is met, that is, paying user of the service, which is not surprising either because that is how it works on mobile phones and in other services such as Spotify or Netflix (in the latter it is obvious, because if you don’t pay, you don’t enter).

Regarding the limitations, in principle there is only one related to the resolution of the videos, and that is that the limit allowed, at least for the moment, in downloading YouTube videos to watch offline are the ones 1080p. Full HD and nothing elseWe repeat, at least initially. The amount, on the other hand, is determined by the size of the storage available on the device.

Of course, make no mistake about what “download to watch offline” means, as it is not about downloading the video file as such. Nothing of that. It works like the downloads from Spotify, Netflix and co: direct to a cache that can only be read by the corresponding application as long as you continue paying for the subscription. If what you want is to download YouTube video the old-fashioned way … This is done in a different way.

When this feature will reach all YouTube Premium users is unclear, but it is starting to spread, so it shouldn’t take long. Remember, by the way, that if you become a YouTube Premium user, you have three months of Stadio Pro for free. It has its details, so check the offer well.





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